Our Organization

Founded in 1982, this 501(c)(3) organization is decades ahead of others in recognizing the need to create reentry programs and rehabilitation programs in prison, in order for incarcerated individuals to have the courage to transform themselves inside of prison and to become contributing members of our communities outside of prison. Because 98% of inmates will return to their communities, the curriculum focuses on helping them to learn together how to become successful returning citizens who are prepared to succeed outside the walls.

Co-founders SuEllen Fried, anti-bullying and kindness activist from the Kansas City area, and Greg Musselman, an incarcerated individual with a life sentence, focused on creating a “Blue Book” curriculum for a rehabilitation program in prison to help members examine the roots of violence in their lives, and its impact on themselves and their loved ones. There are probing questions in the Blue Book to examine issues ranging from domestic violence and child abuse, to anger management and forgiveness. The Blue Book Program aims to equip its members the soft skills necessary to help navigate life on the outside of the prison walls.

For nearly 40 years, this volunteer-driven program has operated without state or federal funds. Volunteers are trained and attend the weekly sessions in every correctional facility in Kansas, several in North Carolina, and soon in Missouri.

In addition to its incarcerated members, an inspirational and committed Board of Directors leads the organization, with assistance from its Managing Director and professional consultants. Over the years, SuEllen and ROFW have been featured in the following national and local news outlets:

CBS Sunday Morning/CBS Evening News:

Huffington Post:

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Board of Directors:

President: Gregory Winship
Vice President: Esther Giffin
Secretary: Kiran Reddy-Huggins
Treasurer: Sharon Mueller
President Emeritus and Co-Founder: SuEllen Fried
Members: Andre Carnegie, Judith Choice, Mitch Crain, Jim Echols, Laird Goldsborough, BeBe Hunt, Sam Jones, Marc Showalter, Allen Skeens, Phyllis Stevens, Dr. John Vandewalle, Von Voner