North Carolina inmate group reaches out to help homeless

Attention Reaching Out From Within family! Your Brown Creek Minimum Unit chapter of ROFW would like to report the success of our First Annual Food Drive. The brothers took to the yard doing what we call “Man the Box”, where we constructed a collection box and decorated it to collect donations from our very own population.

The official start date was November 25th, where we hit the canteen lines asking for non-perishable food items as well as any cosmetic and hygienic items that can be used by the homeless stricken by domestic violence and/or other reasons. The population was more than receptive of the call to help and we were given a great opportunity to fully explain who ROFW is and what we stand for.

The first week was so successful in bringing in over 100 or more items that we were given permission to “Man the box” at visitation. This allowed our very own families the chance to sow a seed and to stand and be accounted for. The officers were more than happy to contribute to this righteous cause. Our grand total came to 528 items.

Our only regret is that one of our most valuable treasures, our male version of Ms. SuEllen, Mr. Larry Surrat, could not be here to see the drive’s success. He was also the author of our group’s growth. He was the engine that kept us running. He was more than a friend, he was family. There were so many goals he set for ROFW to achieve. He made you smile and believe that you could achieve whatever you put your mind to. If Kansas could have met him, they would see the light he shined on our group. There are millions of things we could say about him, but there’s not enough time in the day or enough air to breathe to explain. We would be most proud to announce to him that we also have added 2 officers that consist of 2 new member orientation coordinators. We also elected a secretary, treasurer, and myself, the news editor. Thank you and God Bless.

Marcus McLaughlin
Brown Creek CI Minimum Unit

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