It Takes Courage To Change

When the exhibition “Faces of Change” opens at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, we encourage you to take time to looking into the faces of our members. Thanks to the mastery of internationally renowned photographer Nick Vedros, you will experience the humanity of these men and women.

On Saturday, Nov. 21st, we are having a day for family, volunteers and friends of Reaching Out From Within to meet our founder, SuEllen Fried, and other important leaders in our organization. Please join us anytime between 2 and 4 p.m. to experience the power of transformation.

When the project to “put a face on our organization” was first proposed by Mr. Vedros, we expected to have 25 portraits. More than twice as many B&W images were eventually created over a period of several months, thanks to the cooperation of Kansas Dept. of Corrections officials. Guest Curator Dan White, a Pulitzer prize-winning photographer, along with the museum and the artist, had the challenge of selecting 22 images for the museum space.

Based on preliminary response from our generous patrons, these images have an impact. They connect those of us on the outside with our fellow citizens who are behind the walls, and reconnect them to our community.

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