Fundraising for Gift Boxes

A month from now, I will make my second 2,200 mile road trip to every prison in Kansas. We are preparing 500 gift boxes for our members and will share a care package that includes shampoo, comb, shave cream, body lotion, Hallmark cards, a composition notebook, pens, dental hygiene items, and a few edible treats. Here is what I wrote last year in late December.

What an inspirational journey I’ve been on with SuEllen Fried as we have been visiting the prisons with our truckload of wonderful gift bags and boxes prepared by board members, alumni, and volunteers. I wish I could describe the faces of our members in each of the facilities as we walk into the room. It is truly heart-warming for us, and I believe it is for the inmates as well. The Recognition Banquets include awards and a program, sometimes a play or skit, other times the most inspirational testimony from group leaders. I wish I had a video camera to capture it all because it would change hearts and minds of those on the outside. I will never forget one of the Eldorado inmates describing our program in three powerful words: Raw. Real. Relevant.

Each Gift Box can be sponsored by a donor. If you want to participate in our program, please go here now and donate as many Gift Boxes at $25 each as you can possibly afford.

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These humble Gift Boxes mean the world to the men and women of our organization who are spending the holidays away from our community, but who look forward to helping us pack these items at the Alumni Meeting next November!

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