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Reaching Out From Within, Inc. is a 501-c-3 organization supported by generous individuals, foundations and our inmate members who conduct fundraising events behind the walls. For 33 years we have provided services for government-run prisons without financial support from the state budgets. Our tax number is 26-2736145.

A non profit donation of $500 supports our services for one inmate member for one year.

A donation of $10,000 supports our services for an entire group of inmates (20) in one correctional facility.

Even a non profit donation of $25 supports our Gift Box program–we fill 500 boxes at the holidays with donated and purchased items approved by DOC, including shampoo, shaving creme, lotion, comb, dental hygiene items, food items, and Hallmark cards to send relatives.

Thank you for your generous support for our men and women members and alumni who have the courage to change! Your support means the world to them, and to us!

Your generosity enables hundreds of men and women in correctional facilities the opportunity to effect positive change in their lives during incarceration through our program. An inmate who has the courage to change deserves our support in the process.

Since 98% of inmates will be released back into our community, it has a tangible impact on society when an individual becomes a nonviolent, role model citizen who has learned how to give back to society.

By reducing recidivism, we save an average of $24,000 a year in incarceration costs per person. For example, our program inside the walls costs less than $600 per inmate per year.

Your non profit donation is a powerful tool of change. Whether you sponsor an annual gift box for $25 for one man or woman member during the holidays, or the expansion of Reaching Out From Within into a new state for licensing of The Blue Book and training support, you are making a difference.

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