Alumni Support

Our research has shown that group members with the Courage to Change who have attended more than 60 of our prisoner rehabilitation weekly meetings while incarcerated are very likely to become successful citizens when they are released. In fact, their recidivism rate is only 8% (8% of those released return to prison for a parole violation or new infraction). Many alumni give back by volunteering as group sponsors and mentors. ROFW is proud of our active alumni. They are the backbone of this organization.

We are an important part of the prison reentry program after the release of our group members. We have active Reaching Out From Within Alumni Groups in Kansas City, Kansas and Wichita, Kansas. Details below.

Kansas City

6:00 PM, 3rd Sunday of Every Month

Faith Deliverance Family Worship Center
3043 State Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas

Contact Sam Jones — 913.449.9171


6:00 PM, 3rd Sunday of Every Month

Westview Baptist Church
1325 South Meridian
Wichita, Kansas

Contact Paul Posch — 316.285.3129

We send alumni electronic copies of our bi-monthly newsletters. In every publication of the newsletter is the “Alumni Corner” to keep alumni informed about our activities outside prison and opportunities for them to stay involved.

If you have been released recently we would love to hear from you! Prisoner rehabilitation alumni should keep ROFW informed regarding you email and mailing addresses. Keep in touch with other prison reentry alumni through our Alumni Directory. We look forward to hearing from you!