Reaching Out From Within, Inc. (ROFW) supports prison rehabilitation programs for inmates who want to make lasting changes in their behavior so they can become a role model for non-violence, while still in a penitentiary, and also be contributing members of society when they return to society. ROFW has been supporting prison rehabilitation programs since 1982 and is a 501(c)(3) organization which utilizes factual based concepts, welcoming volunteers and offenders of all clerical and belief systems. ROFW is actively seeking non profit sponsors.

The Blue Book

A 400-page curriculum, the "Blue Book" has been field tested over the past three decades as the guide for weekly sessions of what has grown to include every prison in Kansas and several in North Carolina.

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Connect With Fellow Alumni

Keep in touch with program alumni through our directory service or add your own information so that others can connect with you. All alumni Information is stored securely.

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